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can you please copy and paste this with your answers for me?

do you hate me?

Do you unterstand why all that happened?

Do you think the doctors help will work?

Do you believe in me?

Do you think about me as much as thinking about you?

Do you think you still love me?

Do you accept my apology?

Will your heart ever bring you back to me?

Are you going to break the promises you made me? (With kelsey and all)

& I know what imdoing but idont know who i am atm. because ihavent been this person in a really long time. just wanna be able to show you. wll you give me that chance?

I love you :(

you need to understand

You wontget charged and neither will I if we don’t say a word like nothing is said about this, just say nothing about the situaation. promise

i know that feeling…

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